Equipment Guides

Learn more about each piece of equipment we have.

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We've divided our space into zones to make it easier to find things. Here's a map of where each zone is:

Tk Zones

Item Location
Fire extinguisher Zone A
Projector Zone A
Cook books Zone A
Fondue pot Zone A
Smoking gun Zone A
Induction burners / stoves Zone A
Fruit dessert maker Zone A
Flour mill (Mockmill) Zone A
Vitamix Zone A
Spinzall centrifuge Zone A
Cuisinart food processor Zone A
Grilled cheese press Zone A
Vegetable cutter Zone A
Food dehydrator Zone A
Mortar & pestle Zone A
pH meter Zone A
Vegetable spiralizer Zone A
Bottle capper Zone A
Juicer (centrifugal) Zone A
Rice cooker Zone A
Meat slicer Zone A
Chocolate temperer (ChocoVision Revolation) Zone A
Chocolate temperer (ChocoVision Mini Rev) Zone A
Coffee roaster (FreshRoast) Zone A
Spice grinder (Krups) Zone A
KitchenAid stand mixer Zone A
Knife sharpener Zone A
Nespresso Zone A
Milk frother Zone A
Coffee roaster (Quest M3) Zone A
Sous vide water bath (Supreme Demi) Zone A
InstantPot Zone A
Impulse sealer (bag sealer) Zone A
Wet grinder / chocolate melanger Zone A
Ice shaver Zone A
Carbonation rig Zone A
Torchio manual pasta extruder Zone A
Ice maker Zone B
Cake stand Zone B
Water dispenser Zone B
PacoJet Zone B
Panini press sandwich maker Zone B
Espresso machine (Rocket) Zone B
Coffee grinder Zone B
Pasta extruder Zone B
Ice cream batch freezer Zone B
Thermomix Zone B
Chocolate moulds Zone B
Chocolate funnels, tools, temperer parts Zone B
Isi whipper Zone B
Isi cartridges Zone B
InkEdibles Color Spray Zone B
IR thermometer Zone B
Searzall Zone B
Pasta Kitchenaid stand mixer attachments Zone B
Cookie cutters Zone B
Meat grinder Zone B
Pasta dies for different shapes Zone B
Salad Spinner (green bucket) Zone B
Centrifuge (Jouan CR 4.12) Zone B
Microwave Zone C
Freeze Dryer Zone C
Chamber vacuum Zone C
Hot water kettle Zone C
Kitchen Scales Zone C
Sous vide circulator (Anova) Zone C
Sous vide circulator (Nomiku) Zone C
Imersion blenders Zone C
Hand wash sink Zone C
Prep sink Zone C
First aid kit Zone C
Freezer Zone D
Cups Zone D
Glasses Zone D
Juice glasses Zone D
Mini plates Zone D
Small ramekins Zone D
Large plates Zone D
Medium plates Zone D
Small plates Zone D
Bowls Zone D
Serving bowls and squares Zone D
Wine glasses Zone D
Paella pans Zone D
Tagine Zone D
Sushi omelette pan Zone D
Pizza screens Zone D
Colander (yellow) Zone D
Pie / cake glass pans Zone D
Small nabe Zone D
Water container Zone D
Cheese board set Zone D
Glass cake stand Zone D
Egg poaching pan Zone D
Pasta / ramen baskets Zone D
Spider Zone D
Strainers Zone D
Chinois Zone D
Measuring cups Zone D
Measuring spoons Zone D
Thermometers Zone D
Silcone pastry brushes Zone D
Tongs Zone D
Dishers Zone D
Wooden spoons Zone D
Spatulas Zone D
Whisks Zone D
Can opener Zone D
Funnel Zone D
Rolling pin Zone D
Skewers Zone D
PacoJet containers Zone D
Masking tape labels Zone D
Ricer Zone D
Silicone food saver bags Zone D
Lids for pots Zone D
Dishwasher Zone D
3-compartment sink Zone D
Soap / sanitizer buckets Zone D
Combi oven (Rational) Zone E
Smoker (for Combi) Zone E
Sauce pans Zone E
Pots Zone E
Cast iron pans Zone E
Convection ovens (2) Zone E
6-burner range / stove + conventional oven Zone E
Wok Zone E
Griddle Zone E
Hand wash sink Zone E
Fridge Zone E
Fire extinguisher Zone E
Liquid nitrogen dewar Zone E
Squeeze bottles Island 2
Robot Coupe food processor Island 3
Robot Coupe slicer / grater attachment Island 3
Deep fryer Island 3
Salt, oil, condiments Island 3
Cutting boards Island 3
Metal hotel pans Island 4
Metal containers (many sizes) Island 4
Cutting boards Island 4
Mixing bowls (many sizes) Island 5
Muffin pan Island 5
Sheet pans Island 5
Half size sheet pans Island 5
Quarter size sheet pan Island 5
Shallow hotel pans Island 5
Half size cooling rack Island 5
Pressure cooker Island 5
Pot Island 5
Baking steel Island 5
Perforated baking sheet Island 5
Cutting boards Island 5
Hand towels Island 6
Aprons Island 6
Plastic buckets Island 6
Cambros Island 6
Bus tubs Island 6
Cast iron pans Island 6
station Cart A
Badges Cart A
Knives Cart B
Forks Cart B
Spoons Cart B
Chopsticks Cart B
Water jugs Cart B
Napkin holders Cart B
Butcher block Speed rack 1
Lighters Speed rack 1
Wine bottle opener Speed rack 1
Plastic wrap (Stretch-tite) Speed rack 1
Foil Speed rack 1
Parchment paper Speed rack 1
Butcher block Speed rack 2
Chef knives Speed rack 2
Smaller knives (white base) Speed rack 2
Scissors Speed rack 2
Peeler Speed rack 2
Graters Speed rack 2
Scrapers (Plastic + metal) Speed rack 2
Butcher block Speed rack 3