Blind Tasting Events

Food makers: join our blind-tasting events!

The Basics

Are you a food maker? Tinker Kitchen and KitchenTown have teamed up to organize blind tasting events so that you can get effective, concrete feedback from an audience that isn't connected with you or your product. Blind tastings take place monthly on Thursday evenings at Tinker Kitchen, our San Francisco makerspace.

Key points:

  • It costs $75 to participate as a maker. Pay the fee here.
  • You get 2 taster tickets included (for yourself + 1)
  • You will bring 2-3 items to taste total (usually your product and a competitors' product—we can advise if you want something different)
  • Expect 55 tasters total (3oz bite-size portions!)

What you'll bring

  • 55, 3 oz. of your own product samples.
  • 55, 3 oz. competitor samples.
  • Optional: 55, 3 oz. samples of a 2nd competitor
  • 3x5 sign that identifies any major allergens (dairy, soy, gluten, meat, nuts, etc.)


  • Let us know if your product needs to be refrigerated or served hot
  • We will provide 3 oz cups, and you'll portion out your product into them before the event.

Day of the event

  • 5:00pm: Makers arrive for set up (portioning, etc). Please try to be on time.
  • 6:30pm: Tasters arrive.
  • 6:45pm: We give a short explanation and begin tasting.
  • 8:00pm: Tasting complete. We reveal makers to the public.


  • You may bring marketing material, but it must remain hidden until makers are revealed.
  • You'll go home with the tasting survey results. Demographic survey results will be made available a few days later.


To apply to participate as a maker, complete this form:

Apply here

Once we receive your info, we'll get back to you to to select a specific date, collect the entry fee, and coordinate other logistics.


Can we prep at Tinker Kitchen?
Due to the number of makers and the tight schedule, you should only do the portioning and (if needed) final heating at Tinker Kitchen. Make sure to tell us if you will need to heat your product or keep them cold/frozen, so that we can plan accordingly.

Can we be present during the tasting?
Yes! Makers can bring 2 people who can be present for the tasting. However, we do ask you to not make yourselves known to other tasters or hover around the products, because you could (even unconsciously) bias other tasters.

If your product needs to be served hot/cold, we may ask that you help serve it during the event. We will advise you in how to do that without introducing biases.

Can we see the survey that tasters will be filling out?
Sure! Here is our tasting survey.


You can email Dan or Jenna and we'll do our best to help! You can also check out our Forum channel where you can post public questions and chat with the rest of the community.